Who says Romance is Dead ?

It isn’t just once a year that a man can be romantic with his loved one and this will generally be well received at any time of the year by most women! Whether you are trying to make up for something that you have or haven’t done or perhaps just to keep things going well in a relationship a bit of romance can be great!

One important thing about this, is that it is also something that you can do to suit your budget, i.e. we don’t all have wads of cash and luckily there are tons of great things we can do without really spending anything.

Some of the top things to do are:

Romantic Dinner – For those that don’t have a lot of cash around this can also be done at home. It is not so much the food that you are eating but the setting that you create. Candles, dim lighting and nice soothing music is generally all that is needed to make things special of your partner. Also the element of surprise is very important with this!

Massage – giving your partner a sexy body to body massage can also be very romantic and sensual. Again here it is important to create the right atmosphere and again something that really doesn’t have to cost any money other than for some massage oil and perhaps some candles! For those that don’t know too much about how to give a exciting massage London for example has a plentiful supply of couples massage establishments that are a great way to learn and then put this into practice yourselves at home

Scrapbook – Making a collage or a scrapbook with photos of all your time together can also be a great way to show a bit of romance to you partner. This is something that most women will love and will be a great way to make them feel wanted.

Poems – Although this one is not for everyone as it is perhaps a bit mushy for a lot of guys, writing a poem is another one which really is romantic and a great way to show your appreciation for each other.